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April 9, 2023

If you’ve got a minute to check out my partner’s single parenting blog we’d really appreciate tat. It doesn’t have anything to do with bathrooms obviously! It was originally a single parenting blog but has since grown to cover all sorts of topics related to parenting, mental health, well-being, family life plus much more.

But it’s still pretty interesting so here I’m devoting a little of my time and some of the space on my website to promoting it hopefully driving a little more traffic to her single parenting blog and find her some regular readers if possible.

Her name’s Claire and she’s a qualified social worker, a freelance journalist, a podcast host and a blogger as well as being an amazing woman, a brilliant mum and step-mum and all I could ask for in a partner really!

You can find out all about her here:

Her blog can be found here: where, well it’s a single parenting blog so she blogs about parenting, blended families, getting older, relationships, children’s wellbeing, reviewing days out and more!

Here you can find MindVox a podcast about mental health, neurodivergence and self-care:

So here’s a little selection of posts from her blog. If there’s anything that might interest you then please take a look. Thanks!

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